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Justin Baker

Colorado Springs, CO

Office: 719-322-3673

Cell: 719-352-2792

Fax: 719-344-8423

Email: justin@tritonroofing.com

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Triton Roofing was created by Justin Baker and Todd Dorpinghaus. Friends for many years and business associates in the Home Inspection and maintenance fields they saw a disturbing trend in the roofing industry. Both having worked in the roofing business they noticed distinctive patterns in poor customer service and product support. Their high standards and attention to detail come from the years of military service in both the Canadian Forces - Navy and the United States Navy. Justin spent 14 years as a Naval Electronic Sensor Operator (NESOP) and qualified Above Water Warfare Director (AWWD) in the CF Navy with the last three years of his service working as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of the Missile Warning Center within Cheyenne Mountain AFS. Todd retired from the United States Navy with a distinguished 24 years of service to his country. His background is Quality Assurance/Maintenance. Todd’s construction experience dates back to 1978 prior to joining the Navy. Their similar backgrounds and core beliefs led them to start a change in the industry and how it is perceived. Dedication, sacrifice and pride are not words Justin and Todd use lightly; almost four decades of service to their countries prove that. Working with engineers, builders, realtors, home owners and insurance companies, Triton Roofing has enjoyed success from the beginning. This was largely due to their fundamental beliefs that guide the operations and the partnerships they have with their customers. Today, Triton Roofing has grown to become one of the premier roofing contractors. In the process they have amassed an unequaled record of experience, expertise, professionalism and customer service. Triton Roofing, with its highly-qualified staff of employees, is equipped to fulfill the requirements of virtually any residential or commercial roofing job. The company is privately held and family owned.