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Grafix Unlimited

Cathy Graham

Fountain, CO

Cell: 901-888-2932

Email: cgraham@grafixunlimited.com

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About Grafix Unlimited Grafix Unlimited specializes in graphic and website design. Over 20 years of design background and business entrepeneurship provides me a unique perspective on design, marketing and how both relate to your business success. About Cathy Graham IMG_1853-medGrafix Unlimited is owned by myself, Cathy Graham. Working as an independent freelance designer, rather than as part of a large design studio, gives me the opportunity to partner with a select number of clients, creating relationships that are mutually beneficial to both myself and client. This allows me the freedom to work on projects I find interesting, challenging and stimulating and provides my clients the benefit of working with a designer who is personally interested in their project, dedicated to having their project succeed and focused on creating and maintaining lasting client relationships. This selectivity and personal relationships that I build with my clients ensures that every project gets the individual attention it deserves. Not every project or client is a good fit with me and my services. Evaluating each project on an individual basis, and each client on a personal basis gives me the insight required to determine if the project is something I am able to and willing to take on. A congruous relationship between designer and client is essential for a good working relationship. I hope that each of my prospective clients will evaluate, personally, whether I am the correct designer for their needs, as I will evaluate whether each client and project is correct for mine. Because I work freelance, many times my current project schedule will determine my ability to accept new projects, both from existing clients and from new ones. Because I attempt to keep every project on track and on schedule, I expect the same focus from my clients. When I take on a project, both client and I will determine the timeline for completion, set any deadlines well ahead of time, and will provide each other with requested materials in a timely manner. My projects are scheduled on a first-in / first-out basis. Rush requests are accommodated when possible, but prior planning on both my part and on the client’s part is essential. This allows all projects to progress as outlined.